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lagging video on Ubuntu


I bought a Lenovo ThinkPad-E15-Gen-2 and installed Ubuntu 20.04.3 (dual-boot alongside Win 10).

Google Meet video chats work fine.

However, when using Zoom 5.8.0, my webcam video is laggy*. And when I choose a Virtual Background, it never takes effect.

I've also tried plugging in a Logitech C270 webcam, but it has the same problem on Zoom.

*When I move my arm, for example, the image of myself on the screen moves after a slight delay, which is enough to be disconcerting.

This was happening on Zoom 5.8.0 on Ubuntu 20.04.3.

Even after upgrading to Ubuntu 22.04.2 and Zoom 5.11.3, it is is still happening.