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if I share computer audio I cannot hear participants and they cant hear me


Hi, Im trying to share music in a zoom meet. We can all hear the music (its on a low, background music type volume setting)- but I am unable to hear peoples voices, and they can't hear mine. I'm not sure what settings I need to use - I have the mic set to my webcam, and speakers set to my laptop. I have a laptop and a second monitor. Just wanting to share the computer audio, and not my screen. Is it possible to do that as well as speak, and hear the others?


Zoom Moderator

Hi @nolap, to share computer audio, you can click on 'Share Screen' to either share computer audio with your video you can check the 'Share sound' (Bottom left corner), or for music you can click on the advanced tab and click on 'Computer sound only.'


In the Zoom desktop client, in Settings, under Audio, you will see your Microphone and Speaker output. Please ensure the right inputs and outputs are selected here and adjusted accordingly as you can test your input and output volumes before your meeting. 


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