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iPhone how to choose bluetooth audio output?


I can't get the audio to connect to my earbuds using Zoom, all other apps the sound comes out of the earbuds.  In Zoom mobile there seems to be no way to select the output device (that I can find) like there is on the desktop app. 

I always have to use the phone's speaker, how can I select the bluetooth ear buds?  In the upper left corner I see the little speaker icon, but I can only select mute or speaker.  I've seen screen shots of a bluetooth icon there, but I don't get that choice on my phone. What am I missing??
Iphone's bluetooth settings show that my earbuds are connected, and as I mentioned they work using Music app for example. 



I have the exact same issue with my iPhone 12. Everything was fine with my Bluetooth headset and zoom prior to the zoom update of 5.1.3 to 5.1.4. As of the 5.1.4 zoom app update on my iPhone, I lost the ability to connect to my Bluetooth headset through my iPhone. (In Zoom) as mentioned above, all other apps, connect flawlessly with the headphones, the only exception is zoom; I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the zoom app multiple times, I have deleted and reconnected my Bluetooth headphones numerous times to no affect, I’ve checked everything that I can find in my phone for Settings as the person above mentioned,  no solutions to be found so far.  Just for the record, I am not a dummy when it comes to apps and phones and programs as I possess degree in computer, information, technology and management, I’ve tried all of the solutions zoom has offered to no avail.

It is my sincere hope that the bug hunters find this little cretin and humanely dispose of it so as restore not only my Bluetooth connectivity to Zoom from my phone, but others as well!