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iPad speaker view black screen


I have 3 different people who use iPads connecting to our religious meetings who all have had a black screen on speaker view. Two of these seem to have cleared up for some reason, one is still having the issue.  No idea why.  He sees himself in the corner, like normal.  If he switches to Gallery View he sees the active speaker, but switching back to Speaker View yields a black screen.  It does show the name of the expected speaker in the corner. All 3 of these people have different iPad models, they're all up to date.  Our meetings typically have about 60+ participants. We use a Waiting Room to start. We don't Spotlight speakers.  Anybody had this issue and figure out a solution?



Please look under Setting for "Stop Incoming Video".  If it is ON, turn it OFF.

We’ve had the same issue, unfortunately the “Stop Incoming Video” setting is not the issue. 

Thanks for the suggestion but that doesn’t seem to be our problem either. The setting is off and they still have everyone’s video in gallery view, only speaker view goes black. But it doesn’t even show the little default icon like when a person turns off their video, it’s just black. 

This setting was off for me. However toggling it on then back off reset my video and now I have speaker view back. 


I just created a help desk ticket. 

It might be helpful to create one also. 😊

I just walked one person through sending a report through the zoom app since it actually happened to them tonight. Where do I create a help ticket?

Make sure you’re logged first, then file a ticket under “Technical Support” 


Did you ever find a solution? I’ve been dealing with this as well for a while now and it’s driving me nuts. Also on an iPad (only two years old) and everything up to date 

No, working with Zoom support on trying to find solutions but they're wanting screenshots and things and I don't personally use an iPad, I'm trying to do this on behalf of others.  So it's making things difficult. 


I’m working with support too, sending them a recording today. 

You’re not alone, it’s affecting a lot of congregations. 

What's your zoom support ticket number so I can mention it to my support guy because he's saying there have been no other reports of this issue.  My ticket number is 13465224. I'm just thinking maybe they can collaborate rather than two different people trying to attack the same issue independently. I just had it happen to a new user today and I added more screenshots from him to my ticket. 

Of course!


My ticket is #13464647

For some reason it didn’t happen at our last meeting.  So I plan on taking screenshots today. 

It hasn’t happened at my last two meetings now 



Same for us. 

It does seem to randomly work fine for my people too. My ticket has been moved up to “tier 2” support. They’ve asked for my users to report the problem from the app and then let them know who and when it was reported, they have to have a zoom account in order to send in a report. I think it sends a log they can parse through and get more data from. Making progress…

Mine is 


It happens to me during some meetings and not others. Not sure what the variable is. Could it be something on the hosts end depending on who is assigned? Would appreciate it if someone would post if they find a solution. Thanks



I just started having this issue tonight, on a new iPad Pro.  Everything is up to date, including Zoom.    Hoping that, if someone has a solution, that you will post it here! 🙂

Thanks for posting. I’m still working with Zoom support on this issue. Every time you have this happen it would be good if you would submit a report to Zoom from within the app and choose to send the log with the report. The more reports, the more data they can look at to find the issue. 

I went to the Zoom app on my iPad and, although I have automatic updates set, there was an update ready that had not been done.  I did the update, and then I got a speaker view picture!  If it happens again, I'd definitely do the report. 

I’ve had this problem a few times with our meetings. I will file a report through the app. Thank you for pursuing this! 


I’ve had this issue today for the first time.  I’ve tried everything.  Logging in and out, deleting the app, re-downloading it. I’ve now submitted a ticket and quoted everyone else’s tickets too.  Fingers crossed they sort it soon!



This happened to me just today. During meeting I saw a black screen whenever I was in speaker view. But after meeting I observed (while in speaker view) that the screen stayed on the host (his camera on) while the names at the bottom of the screen changed to whoever was speaking. So I’m wondering if the black screen during meeting was the host’s screen with the camera turned off. 

We had the same issue today, after almost 3 weeks without it. 

I was the host today and my camera was on, so it must be something else. 

If you’re able, please create a help desk ticket.  


Same issue here.  On MacBook I get a green blank screen on Active Speaker, black screen on iPad.  I am using a Macbook from 2010, and an old iPad so I assumed I was the problem (😂).  I submitted a ticket and a report.  Just updated zoom on my iPad see if that helps.  Don't have the issue on my phone (iPhone 7).  


It's been more than 1.5 years since this issue is there on iPad. It's a shame, even after repeated app feedback, and forum feedback we are here.
Looks like the Product Team is not prioritizing iPad because it is for a low paying small audience, enterprises are their main customers.


I went to Video Settings, then Advanced, then unclicked the option that says 'optimize quality of the video I receive with super resolution' and it started working again.