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iPad issues - Gallery View


For the past few months I have had to close out of zoom then re-open it while a meeting is going on in order to get the full 5x5 gallery view on my iPad.  If I don't my screen is limited to 3x4 on each screen.  Also, when the screen is full, the top row controls cuts off the video participants.  I have hoped that zoom would fix these bugs but have not seen anything in the past app updates.  Is anyone else experiencing these issues on an iPad?  I also have trouble screen sharing files from icloud drive.  If i start a new meeting, i have to duplicate a file in my Files app, otherwise, the file shows up as a blank grey screen when I screen share in zoom.  Very frustrating.....


Community Champion

Hi @jasonyoung1972 

Have you reported the issue to Zoom Support? We cannot fix a bug that we are not aware of. 

How do you report an issue to Zoom Support? I find no way to directly contact Zoom Support at all. 

Haven’t gotten that answer either. 


I tried but navigating through the website always brought me to this community forum.   It’s hard to believe I am the only one experiencing this issue. I have 2 iPads and it is the same on both. 

I am having this issue as well. Only with meetings where I am the host - meetings I have started. I have 4th gen iPad Pro, updated Zoom.  Have you found a solution? Also, like you, when I ask questions I get sent to these pages and get no answers. Hiding controls as someone suggested does not fix the problem.

Only solution I know of is to close and reopen the app during a meeting which sucks. Only way to fully view top row is to hide controls which also sucks. 

Thanks, Jason. I don’t have the problem with meetings generated by others, only with meetings I start.  Pain in the butt to constantly switch “pages” when trying to moderate a meeting and be able to see faces. I am on 4th gen iPad, updated Zoom, so I should be able to get 5 x 5 view and can’t. I think it was the last Zoom update that screwed it up.


I have the same problem with the top row of the gallery images being cut off in my iPad.


One workaround is to auto hide the controls in the Meeting settings. 


I have this same issue of the top row of images being cut off at the top, when in gallery view. It always happens when I join meetings hosted by others. I think also when I host..when there are more people than will fit on one screen. It’s been happening for 4-5 months. Very frustrating. I just turn my screen from landscape to portrait and the issue goes away, but I see fewer pictures of people that way.


I also have the same problem . The top row of participants cut off in gallery view i have an iPad Air 4  

has this issue been resolved yet?

The only solution I have found is navigating to your "Meeting settings" and turning the "Always show meeting controls" OFF.