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iPad Pro 2022 M2 causes a an occasional buzz when sharing with cable


First I connect my iPad Pro 2022 with a cable to my MacBook Pro 2018. Then I start the Zoom client, start a meeting, and share my IPad screen with the cable option. I seems to work fine, but my problem is I hear a occasional buzz through the laptop speakers. It there someone who recognizes this problem, and has fixed it?




Same here with iPad pro M1 and MacBook Air M1 

occasionnal buzz, every 30seconds. Impossible to find solution with apple. 


I found a workaround on the Apple discussion board! 

It's not a real solution, but this allows you to share your iPad screen through a wired connection via cable, without the buzzing noise.


1) Open the QuickTime Player app on your MacBook. Under FILE, click ‘New Movie Recording’

2) When the recording window opens, click on the arrow beside the record button and select your iPad as the camera option.

3) On Zoom, click SHARE SCREEN and click on the option that says QuickTime player.



Thank you for your answer ! Someone post this and it works for me ! ! So happy 🎉

That’s interesting. I’ll have to try it but it doesn’t address the underlying issue of wired connections not working smoothly. You may be interested in this help I’m getting on Apple’s forum.