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iPad Physical Keyboard not Working on a Shared Screen.


This question is much the same as found here:


I have been using my iPad in Zoom meetings, and I normally type with the attached Magic Keyboard. All is fine for writing in the chat window, etc. However, if someone is sharing their screen or sharing their whiteboard, the physical keyboard does not function. I can bring up the on-screen keyboard by pushing the right on-screen buttons, but this covers up half the screen and usually covers up over the space I am trying to type. I also notice that, when the other person is sharing their screen, I cannot use my physical, Magic keyboard to type in the chat window. And yet, the tracking pad still works, and I can draw on the shared screen with the tracking pad on the Magic Keyboard, while the Keyboard itself fails to work.


However, the reverse situation is not true. If I am sharing my screen, I can annotate with my Magic keyboard.

This is the only situation I have found where the Magic Keyboard becomes unresponsive, so it is certainly a software issue. Nothing on the Zoom website helps explain the problem.



Hi, are there any updates related to this topic? I've exactly the same issue


I have the same issue.  However it happens even when I’m not sharing my screen.  My keyboard on my iPad Pro locks up just by using Zoom split screen with just about any app that I regularly use/need a keyboard on, like Google Docs online in Safari, MS Office Online in Safari, Google Docs app, MS Word app, Notes, Messenger.


My “workaround” is to hit the cmd-space bar (for some reason the keyboard works for this)… type in Settings (the keyboard works on this too… type anything in the Search bar inside settings… go back to Safari… Google Docs in Safari usually works now 🤗.  However sometimes even that doesn’t work and basically the only fix is to close Zoom itself.  Then my keyboard starts working again! 🤗. But then I have to restart my zoom meeting again and pray it doesn’t lock up again.  The main problem I have with re-starting Zoom is that often I am the HOST of the meeting.  So I can’t hardly re-start the meeting and ask 20 other people to restart their meeting too.  Anyway… it’s definitely Zoom that’s causing the error.  As closing down Zoom instantly fixes my keyboard!


same issue here, keyboard comes in and out on zoom


This solution finally worked for me… I Reset my iPad Settings.  Only settings, nothing else.  Now my keyboard has no more issues during Zoom.  Crazy, after 2 years of pain.