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iCal Selection Still Opening Outlook


I recently made the switch to using iCal and Mail apps on my Mac from Outlook. However, when I create a new meeting, it is still opening Outlook to put it on my Outlook calendar and not iCal (it does eventually show up in iCal because the calendars are synced). I do have the iCal option selected when created the meeting at the bottom, but it continues to open up Outlook. The default mail and calendar clients are iCal and Mail. Can someone help me stop Outlook from opening when I create a new meeting?


Note that the Zoom account uses an Exchange email account, if that matters at all.



I'm seeing the exact same problem.  I recently switched from Outlook to Mail/Calendar apps on the Mac and even though I choose the iCal option, the Outlook app opens.  In my case the Zoom account happens to use an IMAP email account.