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how to delete a recurring meeting still showing after organizer deleted outlook invite


I had a recurring zoom meeting showing in my zoom calendar after someone invited me through outlook.


We both have zoom/outlook calendar integration.


We do not need those weekly calls anymore, so the organizer deleted the meeting in outlook.


However the recurring meeting still shows in my zoom app, both desktop and mobile. Those weekly calls do not offer the option to delete the meeting.


How do I get rid of those recurring zoom meetings in my calendar that should not be there anymore???




Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @PaoloC 

Can you first please check that you have bi-directional calendar syncing enabled? To do this, sign into and click My Account and navigate to Settings. Under the Calendar tab, please ensure Automatically sync Zoom calendar events information bi-directionally between Zoom and integrated calendars is checked. 


If it is checked and it is still showing on your Zoom calendar, if you delete it directly from your Zoom calendar by clicking the event, clicking the trash icon and selecting Delete all Instances, does that work?


@alena_zlc Thanks for the quick reply. Bi-directional syncing is enabled.


I'm a new zoom user and apologies if I can't my way around, but if I open the zoom desktop app, then click on the meeting icon, then I click on the recurring meeting that still shows on my calendar... there's no delete button for that recurring meeting. Remember, I'm not the organizer of that zoom meeting, I got it when receiving the outlook invite and it did not go away when I received the cancellation.


Am I looking for the delete button in the right place?

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

No worries - I am trying to troubleshoot this myself so thank you for your patience and cooperation! Can you try to delete it from the Calendar tab rather than the Meetings tab?

I do not have a Calendar tab on my windows desktop app.


This is my toolbar at the top of the zoom app:

Annotation 2023-08-07 152408.png

Any luck with this, I'm in the exact same boat, same issue and my tabs are the same as yours.  I keep getting notified the reoccurring meeting is starting every week, but it's been removed and replaced by a new meeting an hour later.  Nothing I've tried removes this old meeting from my upcoming meetings.

Have you figured out a solution to this yet?


I have a similar issue except I am the organizer of the event. I deleted it off zoom and i try to delete it from my calendar but it automatically gets added back


No progress on this issue since the original post.

Still the ghost zoom link appear in my zoom meeting calendar of upcoming meetings.


I just ran into the same problem at my work and was able to solve it. Check out my work notes below. I hope this helps


user states they are trying to del zoom meeting
User states they have been having issues deleting the same zoom meeting fo a while
Meeting is a single occurrence in a series
User does not want to del series
Zoom meeting is cancelled through zoom (No longer showing in zoom)
Zoom meeting still shows in outlook and produces errors when attempting to cancel
verified bi-directional sync is turned on (Settings > more settings > General > Calendar > Bi-directional sync check box)
Same error when trying to del in outlook
Restarted outlook in safe mode - successfully del occurrence (not sure if due to safe mode or bidirectional link sync time)


error: 0; 3000 or error4203

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Thanks, but in my case the meeting is stuck in zoom, not outlook.


I have the exact same problem on the Zoom desktop client. The recurring meeting was created by someone else and there is no option to delete on the meetings tab in the desktop client. The website does not show this meeting at all.


Was someone able to understand this behavior and if there are any remedies for it? 

have you tried removing the zoom add-in within outlook?


The Outlook plug-in is admin managed so we cannot remove/re-add it. I tried removing the calendar integration within the Zoom client but that did not help. Both Zoom app and Zoom web portal are still showing incorrect timings for the updated event. 


We had the same issue at our organization, and it was really annoying.  You need to get an admin to go into the admin web interface and find the user who initiated the meeting.  It doesn't matter if that user is active or not (in our case we had lots of phantom meetings from deactivated users).  Go to Admin -> User Management and select the user who created the meeting.  Go to Meetings -> Upcoming Meetings and you can see future meetings and delete or edit them.  If you don't have access to the Admin interface, then you can talk to the organizer of the meeting.  That person can go into their own personal settings on the web interface and on their "Meetings" tab they can edit/delete the offending meeting that you are a part of.

That didn't work with me. The meeting was set up by a user at a different organization and he swears blind that the meeting has been deleted at his end. Can't accuse him of lying unfortunately ...


Thanks, I turned this in to our IT dept to work on, and it has since stopped, not sure if they did what you suggested or if it just eventually stopped on it's own, but thanks for the help.


This is still going on for multiple users in our organization. Some of the meetings are from outside partners.  Has anyone found a solution?

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

The meeting organizer deleted the meeting series in their Outlook. Have you tried deleting the meeting series in your Outlook? Please let me know if you have tried this and it still appears.

I've been having the same issue described here, and your suggestion is useless, because THE MEETING DOES NOT SHOW UP IN OUTLOOK. It ONLY shows up in the Zoom client. It was deleted months ago by the original organizer from Outlook and does not appear anywhere in any Microsoft apps, only in the Zoom client.


Having the same issue.  Recurring meeting created by an outside organization cannot be deleted.  There is no delete botton option.  All calendar instances have been deleted in Google calendar. On the Zoom web portal the meeting is not there, but it appears on the Windows Zoom desktop client as well is the iOS Zoom app.  It makes no sense that it is deleted from the web portal and not from the other Zoom access points.  Can we please get a fix for this?

Same problem here.

I have this issue as well.  The meeting was scheduled by an outside organization.  I do not need to be in their meetings any longer and they have deleted me from the group but it still appears as a recurring meeting on my Zoom desktop and my mobile device (windows and Android).  It is not on my calendar.  Is there anyone at Zoom looking into this problem?  We pay for Zoom every month and this seems to be a longstanding problem.


We had a user with similar problem.  We had the user logon to 365 Outlook with their web browser, and they were able to delete the event from there.  In the Outlook thick client it would attempt to delete (spinning cursor) but just not work.