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how to delete a Personal Room, link posted on Twitter


Our clickable meeting link was posted on Twitter, so strangers are going in and out of the room all day and night.  We've set up another more private link to stop them from bombing the actual meeting but I would like to delete this meeting link so no one can go into it. I found the meeting instance under Personal Room in our account (did not know it wasn't a meeting and not exactly sure of the difference) but I am unable to edit the Personal Room to remove or at least change the password to stop the intruders. I can't edit anything to do with that Personal room. FYI this meeting is intentionally set up for unknown people to attend which is why we can't use some of the zoom tools to keep them out.  Any help would be appreciated!


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Happy to look further into the issue. Here is a support article in terms of disabling the PMI room. Are these the current steps you are following?  Is the option to disable the room currently grayed out?


I had to register again to come in here to reply (???). The first time I tried to change/ delete the Personal Room the edit button was grayed out. I persisted and eventually was able to edit and change the password on the personal room.  There is no delete option that I could find.  We are currently not using it or that room number so that solved the problem of the zoom bombers going into the room day and night.  I've learned not to mess with things in zoom if I don't need to so will leave it like that. In my attempt stop the bombers I put a start and end time on the new meeting room which resulted in an instance being created for each meeting (it's weekly) but had zero effect on when people could go in.   This is  apparently not an issue if you're not dealing with a publicly posted meeting regularly subjected to attack.!