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how can i disable Waiting Room?


i have pro license
befor i can disable Waiting Room
now in Security option must select at least 1 option

Waiting Room (Only users admitted by the host can join the meeting)  or 

Require authentication to join: Sign in to Zoom


how can i disable Waiting Room?

or what license can disable Waiting Room?





Hi @enghnai 


If you are scheduling your meetings in advance, you can un-check the Waiting Room option during meeting setup.


If you are starting your meetings instantly, you can click on the Security icon in the meeting and un-check Waiting Room.


If you want to disable Waiting Room for good, then you can do that here:


But you will still need to have at least one security measure in place on your Meetings - so you are left with Passcode or Require Authentication.


Hope this helps.







You must select at least 1 option How to off



You must select at least one security option.

I have the password in place. I have turned off the waiting room. It still is where users land for the meeting.

I have a password in place, I have turned off the waiting room in the Meeting Settings as well as in the specific meeting. When I use the link (an account that is not the host), I am put in the waiting room. This won't work as I want the meeting facilitators to claim host, not get into the full Zoom account.