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how can i disable Waiting Room?


i have pro license
befor i can disable Waiting Room
now in Security option must select at least 1 option

Waiting Room (Only users admitted by the host can join the meeting)  or 

Require authentication to join: Sign in to Zoom


how can i disable Waiting Room?

or what license can disable Waiting Room?




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @enghnai 


If you are scheduling your meetings in advance, you can un-check the Waiting Room option during meeting setup.


If you are starting your meetings instantly, you can click on the Security icon in the meeting and un-check Waiting Room.


If you want to disable Waiting Room for good, then you can do that here:


But you will still need to have at least one security measure in place on your Meetings - so you are left with Passcode or Require Authentication.


Hope this helps.






I am unable to disable the waiting room in meetings generated by calendly. the option shows greyed out.

We are having the same issue.  We keep participants in a waiting room until we start our presentations. Then we like to disable it so those who are late are just admitted automatically.  We used to be able to uncheck the "Enable Waiting Room" feature in the Security tab on the taskbar. Now it is greyed out as you said. I read that you can go to the Participant screen and select MORE. A menu will pop up and you can uncheck "Enable Waiting Room" from there. However, it seems to default back to being checked. Will continue to try and find an answer. 


You must select at least 1 option How to off



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

You must select at least one security option.

I have the password in place. I have turned off the waiting room. It still is where users land for the meeting.

I have the exact problem as you! I have turned off Waiting room (untick, it's grey) but people joining in are still put into waiting room!!!


I am having the exact same problem all of a sudden - with no explanation.  I do NOT want a waiting room.  Does anyone from Zoom actually look at these community chats?

I have a password in place, I have turned off the waiting room in the Meeting Settings as well as in the specific meeting. When I use the link (an account that is not the host), I am put in the waiting room. This won't work as I want the meeting facilitators to claim host, not get into the full Zoom account.



I schedule multiple Zoom meetings for the person I support through the Outlook calendar Zoom option. I have no intention of entering those meetings, and I don't want to have to tell people to use the password to access the meetings. I want to disable the waiting room permanently. How can I do this. This sudden change is very inconvenient.