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getting booted off


I use zoom through out the week with smaller meetings with no issues 


our congregation uses Zoom to host our worship services, before during and after services I have no connection issues 

but if I take the lead in a discussion , as soon as I start to deliver my talk Zoom will start to glitch and eventually logs me out 

a fairly new computer I have over 16gb free of ram and connected directly to an ethernet connection running 950DL/900UL  

I've reinstalled zoom, made sure other devices were off .... scratching my head,  as it only happens when I need it to work 



Same problem.  Is there a fix?


 have the same issue that started in the middle of the Spring Semester. I will be removed from class then Zoom reopens and reconnects. See attached file for OS, etc as you can read more on wading boots. I have the Verizon FiOS Gigabit service.