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full screen sharing without participants or speaker view


Can one only show full screen when sharing screen?  I do not want the participants or the speaker view to obscure the full shared screen.  Or is there a window that can show the shared  full screen and will leave room to show the gallery view of the participants and speaker view?



I have the same question especially when I share a video clip. I don't need my video to be seen by the participants, just what I share

I found a link 

Solved: Remove speaker box during screen-share presentatio... - Zoom Community.  In the last post, it tells you how not to show your video or audio while you want to share the screen.
Here is what I did:
1) click on the Zoom application then find the profile at the right hand corner. When you first sign in on the right hand corner you have your profile.
2) Click on your profile and go to settings
3) in settings choose Share Screen
4) Go to share Screen.  under Window size when screen sharing un check side-by-side mode


Also you should choose Video off for both host and participant 
Good luck