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Yesterday and today I have sent students meeting ID and password. Today one was able to join but the other two got messages that the password was wrong. Yesterday, three got in and the fourth got such a message. Strange, haven't had such problems before. What is wrong?



Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @GordonS, are all of your students running the latest version of Zoom? If not, I'd encourage you to check with all your students to ensure they're up-to-date.


If that didn't help, possibly start by signing out and signing back into the client. Double-check that you and your students are using the correct Zoom account to join (unauthorized attendees).


Lastly, check if the meeting details are correct, if you're still having trouble try creating a new meeting and having the host re-submit the meeting details. 


I hope these suggestions help! 😄


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