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dropping out after a breakout room


I host some zoom sessions- 30 people max and after breakout rooms 2/3 participants get kicked out of zoom when their breakout room time is up- instead of it redirecting them back to the main room. This will happen to the same participants after every breakout room. Is there any solution for this? 



Hi katrina24,

Can you check your breakout room settings to see if this option is checked: Automatically move all selected participants in breakout rooms to main meeting

Options for breakout rooms

  1. After creating the breakout rooms, click Options (on Windows) or the gear icon 
    (on macOS) to view additional breakout rooms options.
  2. Check any options that you would like to use for your breakout rooms.
    • Allow participants to choose room: Participants can select and enter rooms on their own once rooms are launched. 
    • Allow participants to return to the main session at any time: If this option is checked, the participants can move back to the main session from their meeting controls. If this is disabled, they need to wait for the host or co-host to end the breakout rooms.
    • Automatically move all assigned participants into breakout rooms: Checking this option will move all participants into the breakout rooms automatically. If this option is unchecked, the participants will need to click Join to be added to the breakout room.
    • Automatically move all selected participants in breakout rooms to main meeting: Checking this option will move participants to the main meeting session when breakouts are closed, rather than giving participants 60 seconds to wrap up their discussion and prompting the users to leave the breakout room. 
    • Auto close breakout rooms after () minutes: If this option is checked, the breakout rooms will automatically end after the configured time.
      • Notify me when the time is up: If this option is checked, the host and co-hosts will be notified when the breakout room time is up.
    • Set Countdown timer: If this option is checked, the participants will be given a countdown of how much time they have left before being returned to the main room. 


Hi Aaron O, thank you for this information. I have all the correct icons ticked-i just double checked. Only a few people will drop out, the other 10+ people come back to the main room no problems. 

Since it's the same people everytime, it might be an issue with their Zoom app. Are they using the most updated Zoom version? Do they receive an error when they are booted from the meeting?