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download Zoom to computer with windows 11S


I have a new laptop with windows11S.  Mt oomputer will not allow me to download Zoom, says to find similar program on a store, our group works with Zoom, only option.  Thanks



Step 1: On your Windows 11/10 computer, launch the Store app using search. Step 2: Once the Store app is launched, in its search box, type Zoom Cloud Meetings and hit the Enter key. Step 3: In the search results, click on Zoom Cloud Meetings and click the Install/Get button to download and install Zoom.

Trying to do this, do not see zoom cloud meeting. Zoom room came up, but it says it’s for tablets only and doing it on a laptop.

JamesWalter - thanks so much for your response, but can you please tell me exactly which app would be the right one to use?  None of them clearly state ZOOM so I don't know what works.  My windows11 wonn't allow me to open Zoom.  Help!