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does 1 license = 1 owner?


Please define what one license entitles you to. 1 license = 1 owner? 1 license = 1 meeting? 1 license = ?? Why would I want more than one license? If I want to hold 5 simultaneous meetings, in Zoom Event / conference, do I need 1 license or 5?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

With regards to Zoom User licensing, a license is tied to a specific email address, so each Licenses is assigned to one individual. That license allows the user to host a single concurrent meeting, but they can host as many consecutive meetings as they wish. If you have a need to host 5 concurrent meetings, you will need 5 licensed users to host those meetings.


If you are asking about Zoom Events, then a single Events license allows you to create an event that may contain concurrent meetings.

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