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connecting sound to external PC audio devices from audio device embedded in HDMI monitor



You did not provided too much detail in terms of monitor brand or operating system, but from a general POV this is where I would start:

Sure, here's how I would go about connecting the audio from a Zoom call to external PC audio devices through the embedded audio device in my HDMI monitor:


First, I'd ensure that my HDMI monitor actually supports audio output. I'd check the monitor's manual or specifications to confirm this.


Once confirmed, I'd connect my HDMI monitor to my PC using an HDMI cable. I'd make sure that the monitor is set as my primary display if I'm using multiple monitors.


Next, I'd need to configure my computer's sound output settings:

- On Windows, I'd right-click on the speaker icon in the system tray and select "Open Sound settings" (Windows 10) or "Playback devices" (Windows 7). Then, I'd set the HDMI monitor as my default playback device.

- On Mac, I'd go to "System Preferences," then click on "Sound," and finally, choose the HDMI monitor as my audio output device under the "Output" tab.


With the audio settings configured on my computer, I'd move to Zoom:

- I'd open Zoom and click on my profile picture or initials in the top right corner.

- In the "Settings" menu, I'd navigate to the "Audio" tab.

- There, I'd select the HDMI monitor as both the speaker and microphone device for Zoom.


To make sure everything is working as expected, I'd test the configuration:

- I'd play an audio or video file on my computer and listen for the audio coming from the HDMI monitor's speakers.


Now, I'd be ready to start a Zoom meeting:

- I'd begin the Zoom meeting.

- Inside the meeting, I'd double-check my audio settings and confirm that Zoom is indeed using the monitor's audio device for both playback and recording.


In case things aren't working as I expect, I'd troubleshoot by:

- Checking for any driver updates for my monitor or graphics card.

- Restarting my computer to ensure all settings take effect.

- Exploring Zoom's help resources or contacting their support if needed.

Yesse Ordonez, MBA candidate
Communications Director