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chromebook unstable internet connection


Over the past 2 days, my zoom chromebook app (from chrome webstore) says my internet connection is unstable, but I have Fibe to my house and all the tests show very high speed.  Up to now there have been no problems with zoom and this app.  As a result of this, sound cuts out and video freezes.  I wonder if this relates to zoom discontinuing support for the this app?  From what I am reading the progressive web app has a lot of probblems.

Just wondering what others are experiencing with chromebooks at this time.


Same. Perfect stability and clarity on all other platforms: WhatsApp video, Skype, Butter, Google Meet, and all the rest. Zoom is the only platform that gives me problems.


I have endless connection issues with Zoom when using a Chromebook. Whether I'm using the PWA, or the browser, it's always freezing the video/audio. Zoom on a Chromebook is mostly not an option at this point. 


I run the diagnostic tool on Chromebook when on a Zoom call, and CPU usage is at 50%, and plenty of RAM is available, so it's not for a lack of system resources that I can't get a stable connection.  I also connect using a fiber network with 200mb download speeds. Additionally, I disable all browser extensions. To no avail. I just can't use a Chromebook to connect to a Zoom meeting.



Google Pixelbook Go (atlas, version 97.14324.0)

Intel(R) Core(TM) m3-8100Y

8 Gig Ram

Ditto, it's only in Zoom. With some customers , I use MS teams and there are no issues. 

Not sure why this isn't being looked at. 


After I did the following, this has SIGNIFICANTLY improved Zoom stability.  Perhaps they've recently updated the PWA with some fixes?


  1. uninstall the old Zoom Chome app
  2. uninstall the Zoom PWA
  3. Reinstall just the newest PWA



one suggestion that I did see and I am testing is the following..


The procedure was:
- in the Chrome browser, go to 'chrome://flags'
- search for 'Override software rendering list'
- change that setting to 'Enabled'
- then restart/relaunch (bottom right)
I found that here



I find I need to reboot the chromebook before starting a zoom session.  Otherwise some user video starts to freeze or goes to black.  I can hear people but I can't see them.  Rebooting seems to prevent this from happening.  The internet connection really isn't the problem.  It's the interface that seems to have instability.


Same issue here. I'm using a Pixelbook with Core i7 CPU and 16GB of RAM on a hardwired 1Gbps internet connection, yet I regularly get "internet connection issues". The voice drops out, but the video continues, indicating that it's not a bandwidth problem.


It also doesn't seem to matter whether I'm using the old Chrome app or the new PWA. I don't have any issues using videoconferencing on other apps on ChromeOS, just Zoom. I really wish they'd fix this as the company I work for uses Zoom for all meetings.