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change invitation email address? Not sign in.


Hi _ when i send an invitation to a meeting zoom uses my personal email. Not sign in email? How do I change the email address that zoom uses to invite others to a meeting?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@Holborn739 if you select the add to email option shown in the screenshot below, does the correct email appear? Also, what method are you using to send the invitation? Is it from the Web portal, Outlook or the desktop client?




Hello, I have the same problem. It is picking up my personal email address to send invites instead of my work one (which is also the one associated with the Zoom account). I send this from being in zoom on the browser, and cannot find anywhere how to resolve this, so am interested to know how it dropped off my work address and picked up my personal one, when I have not changed anything.