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certificate issue / login to zoom


Hello, we are facing issue of login to ZOOM on our branch office
in India. We are not able to login on web form. When we put login and password, "Sign In" button is "freezed" for 3 seconds and after this a can click again on this button (again and againd) - never i am able to login.

When i application (5.10.4. (5035)) i am able to login, but immiedetly after login i am int state "offline". When i try change status to online i get certificate issue. Cerificate looks good - for * from DigiCert)
When i click on button "Open yout browser" in first time is browser trying address and then is redirected to It looks that this is the certificate issue for domain "COM".

From czech republic is ewerithing OK. This "redirecting" is only from India.


Thanks for help.