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can't find my local recording


I wasn't sure where to place this question so I put it here.

I was just on a zoom call hosted by someone else. I asked via zoom for permission to record (I 1st asked her to hit her record) and the whole time it showed as recording. I went to my zoom account after to find the recording. It shows where my local files are stored (in onedrive) but the recording isn't there. I can't seem to find it anywhere on my computer. Olease help. It was an important meeting and I didn't take notes.





I have the same problem today! I was on a call with a client, and she recorded several different sections of our meeting to her local computer. Now, she only sees one of the 12 recordings in the local Zoom folder, all the others are missing. It was definitely recording, I was there to confirm.


Where could the missing recording files be? Or is there any way to recover them from my account? Please help, this was 3 hours of important recordings and would be a huge amount of work to redo...