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can hear me talk but not music


Hi there,

I was just doing a dance teaching class on zoom using iphone 12. People can hear me talk perfectly but cannot hear music that I play using another iphone. I have done these classes before and they always worked absolutely fine. how to fix this issue?



Hi cocopepper, I am getting similar problems. Are you running Widows 11? I just replied to another post on this subject. Here is a copy of what I replied. Sorry I don't have a solution yet. I have noticed a few posts on this forum with peolpe hearing voice OK but not music, or musical instruments.

I am a piano teacher and after upgrading my laptop to Widows 11 I have had audio issues with Zoom. I can hear my student's VOICE, and they can hear mine. I can also hear them play the piano. However,  when I play the piano, they cannot hear it. NOTHING at all. I have tried turning off "noise suppression" (setup for musicians) , and I have also adjusted the Windows audio settings (audio enhancements OFF), etc. Nothing seems to work. Does anyone know if there is an issue with musical instruments and Windows 11. It worked fine for me on Windows 10. Any help will be appreciated. I am desperate to sort this out as soon as possible please... Thank you!

I am having this same problems with Windows 11.  I have tried to turn off "sound enhancements" in the Windows settings, and I definitely have "Original Sound" turned on for the computer that is producing the music.  Everyone else on the call other than my Windows 11 machine can hear the music.  The Zoom recording is fine.  My old Windows 10 machine has always worked fine.  But my Windows 11 machine can only hear voice.  It seems to be something between Zoom on the Windows 11 machine and Windows itself.  I can play music on the Windows 11 machine itself and hear it fine.  I am very frustrated because I just bought this computer and it looks like I won't be able to use it for our church Zoom calls.  Please, someone from Zoom read this and tell us you know about this problem!


I am using iphone. It seems my computer is OK but not ok with Iphone. But I can't find how to fix that on iphone. ON the computer, there are quite a few audio settings that you can try out and hopefully that is able to fix your problem. but there are only limited options on the iphone. It's strange that I never had this problem before. I was teaching about a month ago and everthing was working perfectly. I tried to reinstall Zoom on the phone and I also tried to restart my phone. Neither worked.

I am having the same issues as cocopepper.  No one can hear music and can barely hear our instructor talking.  I have also deleted zoom app, reinstalled, powered off iphone and nothing seems to be working.  This is a real issue as we have members that will be canceling their membership due to this zoom issue

Hi I was wondering if anyone helped you with this issue, I too am loosing members .  It is awful


Thank you cocopepper. It's my new laptop (Windows) which doesn't work. I've tried everything I know to change the audio settings (in Zoom and also on my computer)  but so far no luck. For now I have got round it by reverting to my old laptop which rune Windows 10. I'm wondering if it a problem with Windows 11 (my new laptop is W11). Thanks for your reply. I would love to know the solution! It was also working perfectly before for me.


I'm having the same issue. Have any of you found a solution?


Me too. It worked fine on February 25. For 3 yrs we've done Zoom Karaoke, never a problem. They heard me sing & heard the music. I had basement flood and they packed my speaker, webcam, and docking station away & can't find it. Tried just singing with my laptop sound, the next karaoke on 3-1. Barely heard anything, even when I put my Ipad right against where the speaker is on the laptop. Got a new speaker & mic. Tried this week, nothing. They could hear me talk, no music. The strange thing .... host shared his screen, I could hear it fine, it cut out when I sang. Other people have different setups that me. The one guy has a professional music set up, it works fine (he's the one that shared his screen), another lady uses an Ipad with a karaoke machine, she's good. But me ... just voice. 


I made sure that the musician sound was ON. Didn't help. They heard me & the music for maybe 30 seconds. Or music cut out when I sang, heard when I wasn't. 


The only difference between my setup on February 25 when it worked and March 1 (& 18th) is I ran my music on my monitor, Zoom meeting on the laptop. The laptop & monitor were hooked to the docking station. The speaker is just paired to the laptop. 


Tried another computer. No change. Tried even just playing Amazon Music and not singing... it cut in and out or barely heard or nothing. There's no rhyme of reason to this... Just glad this is happening to others. Guess I'll have to be a listener until I find my old stuff ... but that might not even help. Misery loves company and I'm sorry that others have this problem, but glad there's multiple people out there that are in the same boat.


And I do have the correct version of Zoom.



Is zoom not helping anyone here ?  I know I may for a membership and am getting no assistance, so zoom makes the money nd I loose money ?   How does that work for any of us ? 



It seems there's a way to turn off sound suppression settings on the Mac and PC but not on the app.