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can anyone help?


I am based in the UK and using Mac devices )iMac desktop, MacBook Pro laptop and iPad and after changing to a new Broadband provider (TalkTalk) I am having issues with Zoom meetings where the video stutters and freezes for short bursts and the audio randomly stutters dropping out words people are saying so I rarely hear a full sentence and i would get a screen msg say 'Your internet connection is unstable'.

I am having to ask people constantly to repeat things.  I have uninstalled Zoom and reinstalled it but problem is the same... TT just do tests for my internet speed which comes up as OK for their part... any ideas ? anyone else had/have this problem. My broadband signal for the TV(Netflix etc) is absolutely fine as is my ability to play podcasts and youtube clips, it seems to be on the communications platforms


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @DwM1952,


I’m not familiar with UK broadband services, and my Max experience is limited – but comparing a near-real time application like Zoom to a buffer-and-play application like Netflix isn’t particularly helpful. In fact, it sounds like Zoom is behaving more like Netflix – buffering some audio, playing it, waiting for another buffer, and play. I suspect that your Broadband provider has possibly turned their services to be more Netflix-friendly. I’d recommend contacting them for some advice on hour to get good Zoom ordinance through their network, especially knowing that you had good service before switching providers.


If any other Zoom Community members have any experience with UK broadband providers, please chime in! But I wanted to give you something to start with. 

If you get a good solution, please come back and let us know!

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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