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breakout idea!


Hi everyone

I'm an Early Years Primary classroom teacher and currently daily Zoom user.

Would Zoom consider enabling users to create and store breakout room groups to access each login...when they needed to?

When I login to an Early Years class, there are often several adults and breakout rooms. The teacher spends quite a bit of time (while the 5 year olds are doing backflips) creating rooms for a set groups of students that may be the same room/group for each curriculum area. 


 If we could have the ability to set up and store pre-set, named  breakout rooms it would be amazing! Also, latecomers could then go straight to the breakout room, perhaps?


Room 1 Pre-set breakout rooms (remembering we do have 30 kids per class)

Dogs Reading Group: Sally, Sam, Sarah

Cats Reading group: Davey, Donna, Diane

Boat Maths group: Sally, Davey

Ferry Maths group: Sam, Sarah, Donna, Diane etc


Would anyone else use this feature? 


I'm hoping someone will think it's a must have : )




Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hey there!


Thank you for your suggestion! I can definitely see how this would be useful and prevent extra work.


I think the best way to approach this would be to use a combination of templates and .CSV breakout room sheets. You can create a breakout room .CSV categorized by users and groups (using user Zoom account emails to sort which users should go into which breakout room). This way, the breakout rooms are automated.


This article should assist getting that configured, but this is the key information from it:


  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. Click Meetings and schedule a meeting.
  3. In the Meeting Options section, select Breakout Room pre-assign and click Import from CSV.
  4. Click download to download a sample CSV file you can fill out.
  5. Open the CSV file with spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft Excel.
    Note: You can specify Zoom users that are internal (in the same account) or external (not in the same account).
  6. Fill in the Pre-assign Room Name column with the breakout room name, and the Email Address column with the assigned participant's email address. 
  7. Save the file.
  8. Drag and drop the file in the web portal.
    Zoom will verify that the email address has a Zoom account.

Once you have this made, you can just use that .CSV for all of your meetings and, if you want to start a breakout room, you can start it with the same configuration each time!


Is this what you are looking for, or did I misunderstand? If I misunderstood or if anything needs to be clarified, please let me know!


Have a terrific day,

T. L.

Thanks for your speedy reply.

I can see how this could work in the working world, or for older students in a school setting.


The problem I can see for us is, learners are invited to the teachers personal meeting room, not a pre-set or scheduled meeting. 

We are fully online here in HK, for the foreseeable future and one thing our Early Years parents were stressed about was remembering and accessing so many different links. As well as home room our learners also have specialist teachers so that's 6 regular personal meeting room links they are accessing daily. Remembering our learners are 5 years of age so this is also adult supported.

Just a thought?

Thanks for helping to problem solve...