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I do not know if I have the right location.

But my issue is first my frustration with Zoom customer service. I upgraded to Pro plan and know I do not get a human to talk with, but Chat is not working to solve the issue. I need easy. I have to cohost a meeting in one hour, but I need to set up breakout rooms but a certain name for each break out room needs to be listed in the room room. I am allowing everyone else to select each room.


Also I am getting to different answer on polls. Can a cohost create a poll and launch it. If they can only launch it, how it that done.




Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @jackiesr12 welcome to the community! Sorry you were having issues with Zoom customer service, just fyi if you go to while logged in you will see your Zoom Plans and Support Options available to you. 


Secondly, you will be assigned the co-host role during the meeting by the meeting host, after you've been assigned the co-host role you will have the ability to Assign participants to breakout rooms


I believe for your use-case this could work, have the host Pre-assign meeting participants to breakout rooms (e.g., the participants that specifically need to be in breakout rooms). Open the breakout rooms and you will see pre-assigned meeting participants be assigned to the Room. Before opening all rooms, click on the 'gear icon', within the breakout rooms window for participants to choose room. 



Rooms will open, and you will see that the participants who were not pre-assigned are in the 'unassigned' list of participants; from there, host or the co-host can 'assign to' a room, or participants can choose their own breakout room of choice, as you preferred. 

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