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What are Zoom Meetings?

Zoom Meetings are a simplified video conferencing solution for an optimized virtual meeting experience. Explore the Zoom Community's Recent Activity below to join the Meetings conversation and connect with other members. If you're still looking for support, browse our Zoom Meetings support articles or start a new discussion below!

Recent Activity

Resolved! How can I delete or replace links in "Join meeting" list?

Hi I have a daily Zoom meeting with my team. The first time I used the new link for the meeting, I put in the passcode separately, instead of using the direct link. Unfortunately, Zoom has associated that first link with the meeting name. That means ...

Connecting FM transmitter to PC's USB

Hi, I am having zoom hybrid meeting with 10 f-to-f participants and 20 online. We are also using simultaneous translation with two languages. Since all the f-to-f participant cannot connect to internet and use zoom, we would like to use RF transmitte...

AndyV by Listener
  • 0 replies

Gallery View Error in an SDK

Hi guys, We've upgraded our sdk to version 2.0.1 and this is the error it shows for the gallery view in spite of us using the latest version of chrome. Would you know how we can work around this and make the gallery view work within the zoom sdk? 'Up...

360X by Listener
  • 1 replies

Suggestion: Enable scroll of thumbnails

Dear Zoom, Please make it possible to scroll the thumbnails of the participants using the trackpad/mouse wheel. I can't believe I'm the only person to ask for this. I hope that this is the appropriate place to post this suggestion. I hope that someon...

Resolved! 1132

How do I get rid of 1132 error

tolu by Listener
  • 1 replies

Recording Processing

Hello-- My meeting recording is processing-- usually takes 10 minutes and its been 1.5 hours. I need this recording. Any help?

Smart Virtual Background Package - download failed

I've been trying to download the smart virtual background package that's required to use virtual backgrounds in Zoom but keep getting the error "Download failed. Please try again." Anyone have any insight as to why this might be the case? Thank you!

kimliu by Listener
  • 13 replies

host controls

I have a meeting client that claims that as the host I am manipulating her camera (turning it on when she has it off) and microphone (unmuting when she is muted) and that I am dropping her off the meetings. (None of which are true). She says a messag...

Cobe by Listener
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