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Zoom Meetings - Pro Tip #2: ✋🏼 Raise hand for informal questions

We likely all know and use the Raise Hand feature to take informal polls or to signify to the host or presenter that you have a question, but this Pro Tip will detail how to use Raise Hand in a slightly different way. In our own weekly team meetings,...

Bort by Community Champion
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Scheduling a meeting

Since yesterday I am not able to schedule meetings anymore.My account is still active.The problem is : I cannot fill in the date.Somebody knows a solution?

Umsatzsteuer ID nummer

Hallo ich möchte mir das Zoom Programm kaufen und meine Umsatzsteuer ID Nummer eingeben. Die Seite sagt, dass meine Nummer falsch sei. Ich habe jetzt schon alles ausprobiert. Mit Querstrich oder ohne. Wer kann mir helfen? Danke

AD Sync Tool

we are going to implement the AD Sync Tool in our landscape. we have users account in different folders in LDAP,(eg: normal user accounts and admin accounts are in different OU) how do we setup the Base configuration?ldap.servers[0].base=

watching recordings -

Hi, I,m a student and some days ago I was able to view my zoom lessons recording, but since yesterday, I,m not able anymore. Can someone help me please?

mh04 by Observer
  • 2 replies

Save Chat - Java Script?

Hi, I am using Zoom with a free account for some months as participant of a language course, and saving the chat afterwards had never been a problem. But for the last two or three weeks I can't do that any more - could it be a problem with this JavaS...


Hello everyone, sorry for my English but I use the translator. I hope to explain myself better.I wanted to understand something technical. If multiple attendees open their microphones and clap their hands during a meeting, how many of those claps wil...

Zoom Meeting

Hi, I have a recurring meeting which I used till a month back. I can see the meeting when I login through the application but I cannot see it when I login through web portal. Actually I want to reuse the meeting id for further meetings. Can anyone he...

CP1 by Observer
  • 1 replies

“Delete all” option on recordings

Hi, I would like to cancel all the recordings in my storage please but I can’t find a way to do “delete all” and it will take me ages to delete each one individually!!! Can you please help?

PughGFF by Observer
  • 1 replies
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