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Resolved! Reasonable Accommodation request

Hi All, This is regarding a reasonable accommodation for the automatic closed captioning feature you provide. We are able to save the full transcript at the end of the meeting, but if we forget to click the save button we lose it all. Is there a way ...


URGENT Why haven't your techies at zoom figured out a way to see more than 4 participants at a time on tablets

Echo trouble

I conduct meetings using a MacBook Pro. I have another iPhone in the same room being used as a camera with the mic turned off. The iPhone is signed in as a guest. No problem. I wanted to turn the mic off on my laptop and instead use the mic on the iP...

Take Notes in Zoom

For the first time today, I had the option of taking notes while in a meeting. When I clicked a button, it opened a document with all relevant meeting info. I wanted to know if the notes are shared with all participants, but I can neither find docume...

GinaH by Observer
  • 1 replies

Cloud recording in HD

Hi, how are you?I would like to download my meetings in HD (720p), its possible?whenever I download the file, it comes in a very low resolution, even when I record in HDThank you

Microphone not working

Hello,my microphone is not working only on Zoom. On teams it works as well, and the same applies to google meet, skyoe and webex. I've tried to proceed as indicated here in solved posts (uninstalling, switching off and re-installing; checking that th...

Resolved! Recording interviews

I record interviews locally. I cut my mic and cam. I ask my interviewees to wait for 3 seconds before answering the question. Still I miss the images of the first words of the interviewees. Is there a way to record only the cam of the interviewee? Or...

anouk by Observer
  • 3 replies
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