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What are Zoom Meetings?

Zoom Meetings are a simplified video conferencing solution for an optimized virtual meeting experience. Explore the Zoom Community's Recent Activity below to join the Meetings conversation and connect with other members. If you're still looking for support, browse our Zoom Meetings support articles or start a new discussion below!

Recent Activity

Recording File does not exist

The recording/ zoom meeting was just less than 24 hours ago. I saw it converting but left the computer open and when I checked today, it was not saved on my local file. Went to my recording tab and recorded meetings, it says "FILE DOES NOT EXIST" Opt...

Computer Audio Very Low for participants/during recording

Hi, I am a coach (yoga, meditaiton, workouts) and I use Zoom to coach my sessions. I currently share my audio via the Advanced Sharing Options. I have an external mic connected to the laptop (wireless rode) but then use my blutooth headphones to hear...

SineadB by Listener
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In the past month, I've notice my desktop zoom app kept logged off. I did the update to the new version but still an issue. Wonder if anyone has issue with this for PC desktop version. I do not have this issue with my Macbook or other Apple devices.

HTNDPM by Listener
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Basic Account with 40 restriction on 1:1 meeting

Hello I have join zoom since locked down and had pro account all along until realising that I don't really need a pro account to meet one to one meeting. so cancelled it and have downgrade to basic. Recently I found that zoom restricting my account t...

Jwise27 by Listener
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Resolved! How many people used translation in meeting?

Hello, does anybody know if it is possible to find out how many participants used the simultaneous translation offer in a meeting? I can't find this information in the participants list. Can I find it anywhere else?Many thanks,Michelle

MScha by Listener
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Meeting disconnection due to timeout

Hi, Zoom team.After you enhanced time restriction for 1:1 free meetings to 40 minutes I decided to switch to MS Teams. Therefore good bye to you. But anyhow I appreciated using your application so I want to give your a small hint for improvement .......

Problem since 2 week while using zoom with 4G

since 2 week while using zoom meeting to record my on line courses I meet several problems : 1/ my micro makes strange noises2/ my connection is instable, and spot while recording. si I am confused because before that it was okbut since the two last ...

Flocavy by Listener
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Resolved! Allowing session without host being present

I am the scheduler for weekly meetings of our group. I schedule the session, (I have a paid account) and send out notices. Sometimes I can't be present however I alway schedule the session. When I can't be there when members try to connect they get t...

Resolved! Lost ability to share multiple screens

Hi all,I am hitting a road block...I am using Zoom version for Linux (installed on Fedora 35 via Flatpak).I used to be able to activate multiple screen share for participants but I no longer seem to be able to.As you can see, the relevant ...

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Resolved! Not able to access the zoom recordings

Hello Everyone, I have recently enrolled to an online training where my trainer uses zoom for classes and later on he shares the class recordings.For the last 2 days, Whenever i am trying to access the recording ( recording link provided by trainer),...