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Zoom Meetings - Pro Tip #2: ✋🏼 Raise hand for informal questions

We likely all know and use the Raise Hand feature to take informal polls or to signify to the host or presenter that you have a question, but this Pro Tip will detail how to use Raise Hand in a slightly different way. In our own weekly team meetings,...

Bort by Community Champion
  • 2 replies

Lost control

On a regularly scheduled meeting a box always asked for permission for host to control my mute as I entered meeting. I accidentally clicked the acceptance once. Now I don't get asked. How can I take back control please?

peary by Observer
  • 0 replies

Recurring zoom class with no passcode

I would like to set up a universal zoom meeting with NO passcode required, but with waiting room. How can I do this so that that same link can be used for anyone at any time. I need it for classes that are throughout the day and at different times. T...

Can't mute myself in zoom meetings

Has anyone had an issue where as the host, I can't mute certain participants in a zoom meeting? They can't manually mute themselves either. The mute icon will display "muted" for a second or two and then come off of mute. This has happened several ti...

Zoom disconnects when I use my softphone

if I am on a zoom meeting, and I try to place an outbound call using my Bria Enterprise softphone, zoom immediately disconnects my meeting.Has anyone else experienced this, or possibly have a workaround?

Problem Video Recording Meetings with 1080P Webcam

MacBook Pro Monterey Version 12.0.11080P Webcam I've only been able to record meetings when I am not using the webcam. Webcam was purchased to increase the sharpness of the video. I'm not that tech savvy and I'd appreciate any help offered. Thank you...

Dina__3 by Observer
  • 3 replies

virtual background not available. I have i7 930

I cannot seem to get the virtual background to work. I think I have the right system requirements - i7-930. I have enabled the virtual background setting on my account. I have updated Zoom to the current update. What else is wrong? It keeps saying th...

mandc by Observer
  • 1 replies

Show participants on one screen without poll results?

As admin for hybrid meeting I need to show off site participants on one screen (a projector for in person meeting participants) but that display also shows poll results and chat that I would like to not show to the group. I can set up poll questions ...

JimS by Observer
  • 2 replies

Pronouns not displaying

When I launch a Zoom meeting, my pronouns appear after my name. When I join another person's Zoom meeting, the pronouns do not appear. How do I fix this?

Zoom local recording issues: the screen is all black

I recorded two zoom meetings (6hours & 3 hours) on my desktop. Both of the video seemed being recorded smoothly, but when I opened the mp4 video, both of them don't show the screen. I can hear the voice, but I cannot see anything. The screen is all b...

hi999 by Observer
  • 1 replies
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