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Zoom Meetings - Pro Tip #2: ✋🏼 Raise hand for informal questions

We likely all know and use the Raise Hand feature to take informal polls or to signify to the host or presenter that you have a question, but this Pro Tip will detail how to use Raise Hand in a slightly different way. In our own weekly team meetings,...

Bort by Community Champion
  • 3 replies

Polling Question Audio Cue

I was wondering if there was an option to turn on and audio cues for any polling questions or chat entries during a meeting.

Using an audio interface with zoom

Good day,I tried to link my presonus audio box usb 96 with zoom on my dell inspiron laptop so that I can use two external microphones but only one of my microphone channels are being recognized even though windows recognizes both channels, did anyone...

Fer37 by Observer
  • 1 replies

Title of Meeting removes spacing between words

I am having an issue with the titles/subject line of my meetings not displaying the text with spaces between the words. This happens when I am scheduling a meeting from my phone. This only happens on my iPhone 12 Pro Max. I have uninstalled the app a...

kcray by Observer
  • 11 replies

Breakout room recording

Hello, I am trying to find out a way to record the meeting when I use a breakout room.For instance, I want to record both1. a conversation among all participants2. sets of conversation between participants when they are distributed to different break...

How To remove Alternate host from past meeting?

Hi! I added an alternate host to one meeting specifically. Now he's getting a million emails to be alternate on ALL my upcoming meetings. I can't see where to remove him and not sure what to do.HELP!

Schedulling a meeting

In the "Zoom - Schedule meeting" that appear as a special offer after finished a Zoom meeting, when I click on the "Save" button (after the configuration of the next meeting) , it appears a window box saying "Schedulling..." and nothing happens after...

Bildschirm teilen

Guten Tag,sobald mein Professor in der Online-Vorlesung seinen Bildschirm teilt um die Präsentation zu öffnen, kommt immer die Fehlermeldung: "Zoom wurde unerwartet beendet". Ich nutze Zoom auf meinem Laptop und habe die App heruntergeladen, muss ich...

Marvin1 by Observer
  • 1 replies

Posting a message to an unattended meeting

We have a weekly meeting for our members to drop in and ask questions about Zoom and other stuff. I am the host. I plan to take a few weeks off during the holidays. I'd like to leave a message on the meeting, letting people know that there is no meet...

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