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Do you ever take Zoom meetings outdoors?
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What are Zoom Meetings?

Zoom Meetings are a simplified video conferencing solution for an optimized virtual meeting experience. Explore the Zoom Community's Recent Activity below to join the Meetings conversation and connect with other members. If you're still looking for support, browse our Zoom Meetings support articles or start a new discussion below!

Recent Activity

Incorrect passcode

A couple of my students are getting the "Incorrect Passcode" even thought it's correct. Even when I send invite directly to them it doesn't work. Any ideas on how to fix?

tn3 by Listener
  • 4 replies

Magewell to Zoom - Framerate FPS Dropping

Hey all! We have been running a full virtual event setup for a long time now, and I've noticed I am having frames dropped in our meeting rooms (even with HD rooms enabled). Signal Flow: Switcher SDI Out > Decimator Converter to HDMI > Magewell HDMI+ ...

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Resolved! Transcription font size

I was able to change the size of the text in the chat window and subtitles but I don't see a way to increase the size of the transcription text during a Zoom meeting. Is there a way to do that from within Zoom?

Zoom Plugin in Outlook Web

HiI am using Zoom plugin in Outlook Calendar (Web version). Every time I 'Add a Zoom Meeting', it asks for my SSO login. (my company login). Its very annoying : ( What am I missing? Is there a way Zoom remembers the login and doesnt ask me everytime?...

Scheduling Zoom Meetings for email/phone

When I create a Zoom meeting and generate the meeting 'code', etc., I'm not noticing phone numbers for mobile users to join the meeting. I'm only seeing a web link. I don't have a subscription for Zoom. I have the free basic plan. Is there a unique w...

Zoom Settings Apply to all Windows Profiles

Hi, I'm trying to figure out a way that Zoom settings (enable HD, select a particular video source, audio source, certain other settings) that will be applied to all Windows profiles? As in, when any user signs into the PC, the settings are carried o...