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For months I have been warned that my OS will no longer be supported and I need to switch to PWA App. I am on a chromebook which I recently upgraded. I teach exercise and yoga classes online. Now when I schedule my meetings in the new app, and then sign into them from the new app, my students get a message saying they can't sign in because I am in another meeting. The only way to have class and admit my students is to leave the app meeting and sign in the old way. Then everyone else can sign in. The other weird thing is that I get recordings of these meetings no one can sign into with no title on them, even though when I originally signed in through the new app I could see the title I had previously scheduled for that specific class. I hope this makes sense to someone because I am totally lost and am losing students. The other weird thing is that even though when scheduling I say "record in the cloud", the recording does not start automatically like it used to and I do not have any sound until I manually tell it to record. I have had almost no problems for three years until this new app.