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annotation tool missing for iPad user's screen share


The annotation tool is missing when an iPad/tablet user shares their screen, help!


I have the same problem. Zoom Admin Account Settings for Meetings (Basic) describes Annotation:
Allow host and participants to use annotation tools to add information to shared screens

This appears to not be true. I’m sharing my screen but in truth I CANNOT use annotation tools to add information to the shared screen. I’m very distressed that further information and qualifications are not provided. I’ve spent hours researching your support files and reading about this annotation feature. It seems I'm not alone. 
This is the reply I got: "You can share your entire screen on an iOS device running iOS 11 or higher. This allows you to share apps and other content. You cannot annotate when sharing your entire screen via iOS."
It would appear that there's an inconsistent use of the term "shared screen".


@Martian @MarthaR , it looks like there is a support page about this (, which says "You cannot annotate when sharing your entire screen into the meeting via iOS device. You can only annotate when sharing a portion of your screen." This support page was suggested by a Moderator on a similar post ( 


My question is how does one share "a portion of your screen" on an iOS device or is this actually indicating that one must select any other Share Content option other than the [Screen] option.


Up till now, already 6 months after the issue was first raised. but there is still no solution and I am still facing the same issue.

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @Martian @KC4 @MarthaR  sorry for the delayed response, but I just thought I'd check in. Are you still having trouble with this? In that case, I want to assist! 


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