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Thanks for your response, however when I google this – I get this response.

I have a Pro account also and it  seems like I should be able to have a colleague in my company host a meeting.

Are you saying you still have to pay for each of these additional licenses with a Pro Account?

I can’t find anywhere on the site that addresses this  other than how to pay for another license. It does appear that every plan offered is only for one user. This doesn't seem to work well for a small company with one primary user and the need from time to time to have an alternate host.

This is the Google response:

How many licenses come with a Zoom Pro account?

9 total

You are correct that a Pro account can have up to 9 total licenses, but that is not the same limit for users in general. You can have more than 10 users on the account, but only 9 can be assigned licenses while the rest are Basic users


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

For that occasional need to have somebody host a meeting that you have scheduled, but are unable to attend as host, take a look at this document that describes the Zoom Host Key.


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