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alternate hosts are not being "recognized" when they enter a ZOOM I've created.


I create recurring ZOOM Meetings for Chairs of Committees. I assign the Chairs as alternate hosts in my meeting set up. Before yesterday, the alternate hosts would automatically be made the "host" of the meeting when they logged into it - I don't log into these meetings though I am the creator. 


Yesterday, two of our Chairs logged into their ZOOM meetings, but were not automatically designated as "host" and therefore not able to share screen or assign other co-hosts who could share their screen. Are we doing something wrong? This worked for the whole past academic year. 


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@ErinEckley As long as these users are logged into their Zoom client when they try and start the meeting via their start link, there shouldn't be an issue with them being provided host control. 

I would see if you can replicate the issue and if so, reach out to our support team to do a deeper analysis on the meeting. 
Zoom Technical Support 


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