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ZoomIso Support for Windows


Now that ZoomISO assets are owned by Zoom, are there plans to release it on Windows?


I need NDI output to feed into our vMix stream for livestreaming at a church. I assume, since the assets have been acquired by Zoom, ongoing support and features of  ZoomISO will be better than ZoomBridge. We are completely a Windows environment so Mac suppport only is a non-starter. If there are plans, I can probably wait, but if not in the fairly near term, I'll be forced to go with ZoomBridge.
A direct NDI output from a Meeting as now exists for Zoom rooms would also satisfy this requirement. There is no way we can afford the monthly upgrade to a Zoom rooms from our current plan. The one time fee from ZoomISO, I can get approved.

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hey, @jaylaw,


I’m not on the Zoom staff, so can’t speak directly to any plans Zoom has for the Liminal products acquired, including ZoomISO and ZoomOSC.  But I have been involved in online sessions with the original developers both before and after the acquisition and have asked this same question, so this answer is my recall of what I’ve heard. 

Apparently the design is ZoomISO is heavily dependent on specific video capabilities of the Mac architecture, and while a Windows version of ZoomISO is not impossible to create, it’s not as easy as porting the existing code over and tweaking it. A major redesign would be required, and seemed to not be on Liminal’s roadmap prior to the acquisition.

So be hopeful, but I wouldn’t say optimistic, that a Windows version might come in the (distant) future.  Consider doing  what I did – get a refurbished Mac Mini for a couple hundred bucks, get the watermarked ZoomISO demo version, and try it out first. It works extremely well in many circumstances, but in some situations, the issue with audio and video not being in perfect sync is a problem. Once ZoomISO can also send isolated audio. AND suppress the user’s native audio through Zoom, it’ll be a really excellent addition to any Zoom event producer’s tool kit. 

Ray - / BusinessIsZooming! Podcast / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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