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Zoom won't keep us logged in or save settings, even when told to


We are using the Debian distribution of Zoom, and until the last update, Zoom remembered to keep us logged in. It also defaulted to connecting by computer audio, and to the external webcam we want to use. Also, it remembered not to join with video.


Now, none of those things happen. Every single time we exit Zoom, we have to re-log in, and then we have to re-specify which webcam, tell it to join with computer audio and not to join with video. Every time. Even with the "keep me logged in" box checked and "always join with computer audio" checked. And when I go into Settings and tell it not to mirror my video, and to "turn off my video when joining meetings," all these things Zoom remembered before. Now, none of them are remembered, and I have to repeat the settings every. single. time.


I am seeing others with this problem in the community. No one seems to have been given a solution that actually works.


If this is a cookie issue, please tell us which websites we should allow cookies from! We already allow cookies from and


This is extremely annoying. We would very much appreciate some help.



Solved in this thread:


(Short version: Delete .zoom folder in your home directory. Zoom will auto-recreate it next time you log in. Solved the issue for us)