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Zoom with my Mom


Is it possible to set up a face to face (on the computer) with my mother, who lives in Florida. Maybe something where I could send her a link along with other members of our immediate family just to say hello and chat about things in general. That would be great. I have to use this laptop but could the others use their Smartphones if thet wanted to? Wondering how to do this and what the cost would be. Thank you for the help.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hey @Rickl,


-This is all possible through Zoom. The link below will walk you through how to create a free Zoom account, how to schedule a meeting and how to invite your family.


-It isn't required of your family to create a Zoom account to join. They can go to Zoom's website and click "Join" and enter your meeting info.

-We look forward to helping you and your family connect.


Hope this helps. If this answers your question, please accept as solution.