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Zoom will not connect to my camera


My internal camera used to work fine on Zoom, but it has suddenly stopped working. Here are the things I have already tried:

  • Gone into Zoom camera settings - no image shows up, just a grey screen. 
  • Gone into my computer's settings > camera permissions - camera is enabled everywhere and Zoom is not even listed
  • I have turned my computer off and on again many times...
  • I have uninstalled Zoom and reinstalled the latest version
  • No apps are running in the background

My camera works everywhere else.

I have a Windows 10 computer (MSi brand) and am currently using version 5.14.6 (15434) of Zoom. I also have the same issue when I connect to calls through the web for some reason... They both just stopped working all at once. But works fine on my phone.


Please can someone help? 



I have the same issue!