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Zoom website is rubbish


Very disappointed with Zoom higher levels of tech support that fail to react and respond to long time supportive customers .Having spent quite a bit of time trying to get an improvement idea across to your technical team I again seem to get nowhere.
Zoom have clearly not invested enough in your Technical support services.
Your staff are both very polite and as helpful as they can be but are limited to your structure.
I host and co-host many meetings over the last 2 1/2 years on Zoom.
As many as 184 people at one time, average about 80 persons now.
The problem with your system is: The guest speaker appx 30mins currently needs to be dragged by the individual to position one ( some do not even know how to do this) after his/her talk people are asked to raise hand function to share back.
Unfortunately quite a few raise their hands before the speaker finishes. Once one hand is raised the screens are then frozen in place and can not be moved.
The raised hand individual will also appear in front of the main speaker??? when multiple hands are raised this in each case moves the main speaker further out of the way.
This also means people on smaller devices can not even see the speaker anymore.???
My advice to Zoom which was already given some time ago and NOT! listened to is:
1. Have the facility to pin the speaker in small size i.e. the same as the 25 frames one sees on a laptop. Being pinned in 1st place is what we want! as they are the main focus of any and all meetings. If the raised hand sharers appear AFTER the main speaker and Not! before as they currently do this would go a long way to help.
2. If you were to include an enable and disable raise hand function the host could then turn on allowing raised hands at the CORRECT! timing.
Thanks for any help and hope someone can improve the current mess.
Please do not suggest that we pay money for any webinar products as our meetings are charitably given. Also do not please repeat that I can spotlight people as that also does not work as the spotlighted individual takes over most of the screen and many of our visitors then have no idea how to return to gallery view. It would then become a mess.
Thanks again in Advance
Paul Saunders
ps your link sent by support does not work and is also a disgrace .
Luckily I saved a word copy of my document to you as once I pressed : I am not a robot captcha and submit the whole thing vanished . 10 different tries on firefox and edge.


Listener does not work ????