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Zoom webcam issues running in Citrix XenApp Session


I would like to find out if the Zoom client supports webcams in a Citrix XenApp session from ChromeOS devices.  I already know that Zoom VDI works from Citrix XenApp with MacOS, WinOS, and LinuxOS clients.  Zoom VDI does not have a plugin for ChromeOS and Citrix Workspace.  Presently, when launching Zoom in XenApp (full desktop), only the mic will pass through to the session, the video only shows a grey screen, and now camera.  The ChromeOS webcam works with other conferencing products in the same Citrix session, so this would appear to be a limitation of the Zoom client, and ChromeOS endpoint.  Anyway, if anyone has had different results, I would love to hear.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee


Sorry for the delay in responding.  You are correct that Zoom VDI doesn't have a plugin for ChromeOS and Citrix, which unfortunately means that we do not have any control over the virtual experience when you are using XenApp in this configuration.  There is a known issue with older versions of XenApp, but I am not sure if this is related to your situation.