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Zoom virtual background not working on 2020 i3 dual core mac


Hi all, does anyone know why I need a green screen in order to have virtual background on my i3 dual core MacBook air? This works fine on Windows, with the exactly same spec, without green screen.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

There are slight differences between CPU requirements between Windows and macOS devices. In this case, Zoom does not officially support i3 processors for image without a green screen on macOS devices. 

Hi Bort, even if we have upgraded the OS to version 12?  does this mean we will never be able to use the Virtual Background WITHOUT a green screen?


Hi I have the same issue.  MacBook Air i3 dual core. But have upgraded the OS to version 12. Still it requires a green screen.  Were you able to resolve this problem? Hope you can advise what to do. Thank you!