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Zoom suddenly changes to widescreen


I have a problem that the Zoom suddenly changes to widescreen since the last two weeks.


Several other users, including myself, are experiencing the same issue.


Temporarily, to solve the problem, uncheck the HD option in the video settings to restore the original ratio, but suddenly this happens again.


The same problem has been reported previously.


Regarding this issue, I would appreciate it if someone could tell me how to solve it.



Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @JongSun, it's been some time. How is the widescreen issue? Is it still occurring? Have you tried updating Zoom to the latest version to see if that resolves the issue? 

Zoom Community Moderator

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I'm having this same issue and I have for 6+ months. I've updated zoom, switched cameras, etc. It seems to happen to me when someone is added to the call or someone shares their screen. My camera switches to a widescreen mode that I can't even replicate myself in settings. 

Yes. I am having the same problem.  It looks really crazy with I have a nice green screen behind me and then all of a sudden the wide screen pops on and now there I am sitting in front of a green screen that looks too small. I notice that it happens when others join or when I go on and off mute but nothing consistent.



Still an issue!

Have latest version, still popping out of original ratio into widescreen!


@RN This same issue was addressed here:
Looks like this is expected behavior. Zoom apparently assumes that 16:9 is always better than 4:3. In the linked issue Tommy from Zoom says "if bandwidth is good enough, the camera size will be updated to HD mode (16:9) automatically after someone joins the meeting which is HD enabled. This is the current design."
So you're issue is probably caused because someone joined your meeting that was set to 16:9, so Zoom "helpfully" changed yours to match.
Zoom - please give us the option to stay at 4:3 if we want to!


Yes, I think many users would appreciate if the ratio remained at 4:3. Can be so embarrassing when you clean only part of the room that's in view and then Zoom suddenly changes the ratio and everyone can see the mess you hid in the corner haha


I just had this issue for the first time's a problem since I train folks on virtual communication and the importance of how you're framed in the screen. Is there a fix? 



This issue has been happening with my Zoom for several months and has begun happening more frequently in recent weeks. It's pretty annoying.


Considering this thread is 2 years old, I believe I already know the answer to my next question, but are there any updates on this being resolved?


This appears to only happen when people join the room, or start sharing.


This is annoying


Following this as well. Very annoying issue!  Set up frame of view as you like it before the meeting... then it randomly changes part-way through! 😱

I'm going to try setting my camera system setting to low def / 4:3; maybe Zoom will be forced to use the same settings?


I’m having the exact opposite problem. While participating in a zoom meeting, my full screen minimizes to the smaller screen every time there is a screen share and it even happens randomly.