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Zoom stuck in Mac "spinning beachball" state


I recently updated my MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015) to Mac OS v12.6.5 (Monterey).

I updated from Mac OS 10.13 (High Sierra).


All apps that should work, appear to work.



I cannot get Zoom to run on my computer.  It installs, but when running, I get the Mac "spinning beachball" problem, which makes Zoom non-functional.  The beachball will stop momentarily, but resumes endlessly.


To troubleshoot the issue, I have downloaded the Zoom desktop from the latest (v.5.14.6) backwards to v.5.13.10.

I have done full uninstalls after each attempt and I am still having the same issue.  


I can't seem to find the compatible Mac OS info in release notes to see if there is a known issue with my hardware/OS combination.


Anyone have the same experience or a possible solution?



An added note.


I am running Zoom v. 5.14.6 (Mac) with no issues at all on my Mac Pro (2019) running Mac OS v12.6.5 (Monterey).


Is it a hardware issue?


I have the same problem as you on Mac Pro 2013, the update it 5.14.7 still has the same issues. My MBP 2012 is just fine running 5.13.11 


Zoom you have serious issues with Intel Mac, causing my office to drop your apps and switched to another online meeting brand!