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Zoom should add the ability to broadcast a mirrored live video


I teach a boxing class via zoom and it's a sport that is unilateral and side specific depending on your dominant hand. It would be great to be able to project a reversed image so that when I instruct the participants to move the the left, they would see me moving to the left on their screen.  It has to be a very simple feature to add and I imagine yoga classes, tai chi classes and all exercise classes would benefit from this feature and allow for a more productive and enjoyable experience for their students. Greatly appreciate your consideration.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @patricksmartxpd 


I would suggest you submit this suggestion via the Feedback form:


In the meantime, you could use any number of applications with a Virtual Camera output to flip your video.  OBS could do this for you - and much more.


Your Participants could also mirror their own local video just in Zoom - this would just affect how they see themselves - which may help also.   


Hope this helps.