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Zoom settings back to default after updating MacOS




I've had a few people tell me their personal zoom settings (Quoting: It forgot my Zoom layout. Forgot that I don't want fullscreen on sharing screens, etc. And checking in my Zoom settings they do appear to have reset) were lost/ reverted back to default after their MacOS updated this week from 12.6 to 12.7


Wondering if there is a fix to this or is this an unexpected behavior for zoom now? 



Same here. It was rock solid until roughly the past three updates. Now, not only is the greenscreen function flaky (it often forgets how to use a greenscreen and I have to disable it and then turn it back on before it will drop my background slide in) but every time I update, it forgets my company domain and all of the background slides I have loaded are gone and I have to load them again. It also forgets my audio settings and my preference to always connect with computer audio.

Even after I get the greenscreen working, if I turn the video off temporarily (like if I need to blow my nose or want to reach behind the screen for something), when I turn it back on more often than not it just shows my greenscreen with part of my slide ghosted in until I once again cycle "I have greenscreen" off and back on.

It's gotten very buggy. I'm on MacOS 13.4.1, but it actually started doing that right before I upgraded to Ventura.