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Zoom scheduled meeting is not pinning me as usual from beginning


 How do I get zoom to PIN me as host at beginning? like it did for years + now all of the sudden I am unpinned in every meeting g and have to manually go in , find myself and pin myself. Please advise . thanks!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @starsjjm.


Technically speaking, "Pinning" is done by an individual to put one camera full-screen on th1eir own display; Spotlighting for a host puts people on everyone's display.


I'm assuming, though, that you're meaning "occupying the first slot of the gallery view".  Normally, position withing the gallery view is based primarily on a "meeting entry" basis: first in gets the first slot, second in is next, etc.  Anyone with Raised Hands goes to the front of the gallery view.  I'm not aware that this was ever different, but it certainly might have been and I just never noticed.


The Participant List, however, does always put "you" at the top of the list.  I've recently conducted some tests to determine the Participant List order.  Here's what I found... in excruciating detail:


  1. You
  2. Host, if you are not the host
  3. Co-Hosts, if any (other than you)
  4. Participants with Raised Hands, in order of first raised to last raised
  5. Unmuted online participants
  6. Unmuted cell phones
  7. Muted online participants
  8. Muted cell phones

Display Names within a section are sorted into the following order:

  1. Special characters (#, $, &, *, ^, ~, etc.) in ASCII order
  2. Numbers
  3. Letters sorted without regard to capitalization

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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