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Zoom room freezing randomly when I click mic or video off.



I am running zoom version (0926). When I am in a meeting and I click to close video or mic after speaking, sometimes the room will freeze or the mic or video will freeze. Then I have to close out zoom and join again.

This issue has been going on for several months. So far I have updated zoom, contacted my Lenovo support who worked on it several times. It seemed to work afterwards but the issue happens randomly which makes it difficult to tell if what the Lenovo techs did helped or not. 

This last contact with Lenovo support we did a complete PC reset. It did nothing to help. It doesn't seem to be an issue with my laptop.

I am on a Lenovo laptop, YOGA C940 (15.6").

When I use my iphone 11 there is no problem. 

Thank you,